Monday, March 6, 2017

SCR Pro Screen Recorder Download and Review

Compared to normal steel brake rotors, SCR (Sport Color Rotor) features FCD450 (Dagtile Steel) which exhibits superior durability and stability under all temps. This versatile rotor is designed to be compatible with a wide array of sport brake pads. Whether on the street or track, SCR has been proven reliable under diverse driving conditions to include race competition. SCR affords the driver the ability to maintain controlled and predictable stopping power.

This model employs a two-piece structure for superior durability, heat resistance and heat release. Using High-alloy high-carbon FC cast-iron, this model has improved its crack-resistance dramatically and is lighter than genuine parts, with the exception of models made for some vehicle types.
Currently Lollipop doesn’t support internal audio recording without root. For rooted devices I’m going to update the SCR Screen Recorder Root app so that you can use non-root video recording with root based internal audio. Users without root access will have to wait until the official internal audio API is added in some future Android version.

  • 2 piece, 8 slit brake rotors
  • Better brake cooling
  • Race-derived technology
  • Effective even under high temperatures
  • Structure: 2 pieces
  • Material Disc: High-alloy high-carbon FC cast iron coated with rust-resistant agent
  • Bell housing: Ultra-hard aluminum alloy and alumite coating
  • Slit: Straight / Eight slits per side; sixteen on both sides

SCR Pro Download Link

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